Play Area/Playing Field

Published: 09 October 2020

Stray Road Play Area/Playing Field is open


Please read the safety notices upon entry and take your own hand sanitiser

Gym Equipment

In December 2020, we ordered 4 x double sets of adult gym equipment that can give a full body workout: a Cross Rider, a Chest Press & Lat Pull, an Air Walker Duo and a Skier. It means that 8 people can work out at once. (Note, All pictures are from the makers’ catalogues.)

This is a considerable investment for the parish at £16,000, and we hope that everyone appreciates it and looks after it. The range of equipment is suitable for all age groups and compatible with the free Caloo Pulse App, allowing you to track your progress (using a QR code).

Due to changes in child-safety laws, all non-play equipment must be outside the play area, so these units will be located outside the play area fence, on the playing field. This will allow parents to use them while their children play in the playground.

The SUDS bond surfacing (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution), on which the units will be installed, allows for speedy drainage in winter (as the recreation field can get boggy), which means the site can be used all year round. We aim for this to be in place before April 2021.






 Climbing RocksWe have also secured a £6,500 grant from Heworth Without Ward to fund 50% of the cost of a set of Yorkshire Stone Climbing Rocks, which will be located in the area where the old gym equipment was sited.

Rock climbing is one of the best total body workouts available, as the activity of climbing works every part of the body. The practice of rock climbing strengthens arms, legs and core, as well as helping to develop strong, lean muscles, and building up overall strength, endurance and flexibility. The equipment will be no higher than 2.2m, depending on the size of each piece of Yorkshire stone. We hope to install this before May 2021.