Stray Road Allotments



Stray Road Allotments

Heworth Without Parish Council manages the Stray Road allotment site (next to the Beck and behind the Play Area and Diamond Jubilee Wood).

A small allotment site of 14 plots 

Stray Road Allotments Plot Map 


Site has two plots current available!  There are currently only 3 applicants on the waiting list!  Now is the time to sign up!

Please note: Allotments holders are expected to ensure adequate insurance cover for themselves and any visitors to their plot.

Heworth Without Parish Council is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG)

For further information contact:

Clerk to the Parish Council Tel:07422961495 or email:

Allotment Councillor is Cllr Kim Last and Deputy Allotment Councillor  is Cllr Emma Hardy


 Stray Road Allotment Site

 Picture of Allotment Plot




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