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Your Parish Council 2019:

Code of Conduct:
 Heworth Without Parish Council has adopted a Code of Conduct each parish councillor has signed a declaration to abide by it.

Your Parish Council:

Councillor Ron Clayton
Register of Interests 

- Councillor appointed to  undertake initial assessment of planning applications received.

300, Stockton Lane, York,
YO31 1HJ

01904 425850


Councillor Ian Cage
(Vice Chairman)

Register of Interests

- Appointed representative to YLCA 2019/20

334 Stockton Lane. York YO31 1JW
E-mail: cllrcage@gmail.com

 Councillor Starkey

Councillor Melanie Starkey

22 July 2019

42 Burnholme  Ave, York YO31 0NB
E-mail: melaniestarkey.heworthwithout@gmail.com

Councillor Roger Cook

Register of 


30 Galtres Ave, York YO31 1JT
E-mail: cllrrogercook@gmail.com




Councillor Sally Whitmore

Register on Interests

 - Appointed representative to YLCA 2019/20

 11 Beckwith Close, York YO31 1HX
E-mail: sallyannewhitmore@outlook.com
  Councillor Peter Wells

Register of Interests

- Councillor appointed to oversee (with Clerk) allotment site  

 7, Hazel Garth, York YO31 1HR
E-mail: peterwells.heworthwithout@gmail.com 



Councillor Margarete Wells 

Register of Interests 

 7, Hazel Garth, York YO31 1HR

E-mail: margaretewells.heworthwithout@gmail.com

  Councillor Norman Denton

Register of Interests 

 9 Ash Close, York  YO31 1HE

E-mail: Norm.denton53@gmail.com 


Councillor Alice Thomas

Register of Interests 


61 Whitby Avenue, York,
YO31 1HJ
 01904 426366